My Life

This week we were challenged to make a good presentation with only seven slides, showing the audience how we became the people we are today. Some tips for good presentations were very helpful in the making of this, and I hope you enjoy. 🙂 – Annebelle




Slide one:

This is a presentation about what makes me, well… me. To start off I’d like to mention that my sister has always been a big part of my life. Obviously since we grew up together I’m inspired by her all the time, and she always helps me whenever I need her. Besides that also my family is a huge part of my life, because well… my parents raised me and my sister is like my best friend at some times.


Slide two:

Next I’ll mention my First ever picture. Here it is *show picture*. As you can see, a main physical feature of mine has always been my dimpled chin. Shared with my dad and  cousin, it’s a really prominent feature that’s hard to ignore. Besides that I was born on a sunny sunday on the 25th of February 2001. This means that my zodiac sign is pisces. As a side note, my best friend since birth in holland actually has the same name as me, and was born less than 24-hours later than me, in the same hospital!


Slide three:

As you can, once again see, I’ve always had an odd ‘obsession’ with organizing. Not that everything needs to be organized, but I’ve always like putting things in it’s order, and for example helping with putting cutlery into a little box. Also, I’ve always liked tasting new foods, although I admit to be a little picky when it comes to some dishes. I’ve also always like to bake, especially with my sister. I prefer baking or making deserts over cooking.


Slide four:

I’ve also always had a passion for Arts. By that I mean music and arts, and drama which I will come to later. I grew up in a very musical house, with a whole room dedicated to instruments. As a very young child I first learnt different types of flute, then focused on singing while playing piano since I moved to switzerland (which was by the way when I was five years old). In iszl (which is 4th grade and up) I learnt how to ‘sing’ and play the guitar. So summing up you could say I come from a pretty musical base.


Slide five:

I’ve also always had a preference of Maths compared to many subjects in school. SOmehow the idea of algebra was always so intriguing to me, until of course Maths got harder and my enthusiasm failed to thrive. And although I now do struggle a little bit I just thought it’d be nice to include where my initial interest came from.


Slide six:

As mentioned before Drama has also been a part of my life that’s been hard to ignore, and since I love the other arts so much to the decision for high school was hard to make. My parents often tell me how I loved playing with the puppets when I was younger, and how I’ve also always been very expressive.


Slide seven:

Lastly I felt like I should include a slightly humorous baby picture, as the rest of this has been pretty spot on serious. I also stand for taking things with a light heart and being open minded about everyone’s sense of humour, so this felt right to include. And also obviously I’ve secretly been a ninja all my life so now that you know… here’s where it came from.




One comment

  1. Costanza Ostinelli · January 25, 2016

    Your pictures are very cute and fit very well with your text. Maybe next time try to add pictures of when you were a toddler and not always pictures of when you were a baby. You didn’t have any over flowing of words, your slides were kept nicely short. For example slide 2 was very creative, instead of using words you used little drawings which I found very innovative to not just only use words. The font could be a little bigger so that when you would have to present then the person at the back of the room can read very clearly, otherwise I think the text is very well organised. You could have used a bit more contrast in your slides mostly in the third slide, for example made a few words stand out more than others. In general well done your presentation was great!!



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